Are We Speaking the Same Language?

The Product Development Success study found that one of the most important factors that impacts a company's ability to conceive and deliver successful new software products is Communication. The areas in which respondents to the survey measured their company's success on the Communication scale included frequency of communication among members of the development team, whether or not members of business and technical teams collaborate on software development projects, if there are well established channels of communication between members of the software development team, the level of understanding IT has of business needs, and whether or not clear coding and software development processes are followed.

Some of the findings from the Product Development Success study clearly demonstrate the importance of clear and regular communication. For example, in response to the statement "Software product development projects have a centralized place for documentation," 95% of respondents at highly successful companies agreed with that statement versus only 56% of those at somewhat successful companies, 32% at marginally successful companies, and 21% at rarely successful companies.

From ensuring that employees share a common vernacular to determining the frequency with which dialogue occurs, communication can be a tricky minefield to navigate. We talked with InnovationExcellence.com's Chief Research Officer and Principal Analyst Doug Williams on a recent podcast about "The Language of Innovation" and why it's more important now than ever for companies to ensure that their teams are all speaking the same language.

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