Staffing for Software Development Success

The Product Development Success study found that staffing is one of 6 keys to a company's ability to achieve overall software development success. The components that makes up staffing as measured by the Product Development Success study include having a mix of in-house and outsourced resources, providing an appropriate work-life balance for product development staff, and having the right mix of onshore and offshore resources.

Industry trends that include an increasingly globalized workforce and technology specialization mean that companies must be prepared to work with a mix of internal and external resources both at home and abroad in order to rapidly conceive and deploy new software products. For the individual metrics within staffing, respondents scored a grade of 70 for having an appropriate mix of in-house and outsourced resources, a 68 for product development staffing having an appropriate work-life balance, and a 65 on their companies having the right blend of onshore and offshore staffing resources.

Of the six different factors that the Product Development Success study identified as crucial for companies to master, respondents to the study fared worse in only one other category - time/budget focus. This means that there is ample opportunity for those companies that can strike the right staffing balance to gain a competitive edge on their counterparts. Each factor in the Product Development Success study was given a different weight based on the level of importance to overall development success.

Staffing was found to be the 4th most influential factor influencing software product development success, with an overall weight of 15%. In this regard, it isn't seen as being as vital as culture (27%), feedback (20%), or communication (19%), and slightly more important than collaboration (13%) and time/budget focus (5%).

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